Funny Kitten...

Funny Kitten: vERY fUNNY cATS 5. • FACEBOOK: • TWITTER: • WEBSITE: • T-SHIRTS • SECOND CHANNEL These cats ain’t normal cats! It*s caturday!!!!!!!!!

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14 Responses to “Funny Kitten”

  1. faintofdeath92 says:

    can i have a thumbs up for nothin. if i get 100 my cat can haz a cheezburger!! : D

  2. SnipingMyFreinds says:

    1:09 LOL

  3. Xtend69 says:

    cat and kittens is a amazing ;)

  4. HurricaneFrog says:

    At 1:01 LOL!!!!! That’s so funny! “no dental plan!” great vid.

  5. Tefans97 says:

    the guy in 3:18 was gollum!

  6. MachinimaMan141 says:

    betr musicz plz? kthxbai.

  7. gothbabii188 says:

    @LesliixthexChocoBear errrmm……whaaaaaat?

  8. summerrose730 says:

    that was so cuuuuute! the music is awsome too!

  9. tato3029 says:

    1:30 2x headshot im on 1st plase! noobye!

  10. DamienBlade100 says:

    even cats play black ops

  11. DamienBlade100 says:

    whats gtfo??????

  12. sadie3able says:

    well thats bizzare

  13. MrSandro1077 says:

    it’s realy FUNNY!!!

  14. nooks551 says:

    Cute ; )